What an amazing job the swim team has done to accomplish so much in such a short time period!  Thank you for a wonderful swim season and keep up the hard work.

Swim team is still accepting funds to help support its program as well as the pool remodel.  Please click on contact above if you would like to support the Killer Whales.


Meet Results


Purpose of the Methow Valley Killer Whale Swim Team

We exist to promote and support a supervised competitive age group swimming program.

Our primary focus is three fold:
1. Development of individual swimming skills & stroke proficiency
2. Develop individual goal setting and self-improvement skills.
3. Develop teamwork and sportsmanship in an effort to help all become better people and swimmers.

To become an outstanding swimmer, you should believe in your coach(es), concentrate on techniques (at all times), develop strength and endurance, set realistic goals for yourself and above all, MAINTAIN A GOOD POSITIVE ATTITUDE ! Swimming is an individual sport but “Team” is what makes it fun for all. Support, encourage and cheer on your fellow Killer Whales.