Parents, did you know that when you sign your kids up for swim team you also sign yourself up?

VOLUNTEER FORM (click here)

We can't do this without all you AMAZING parents!  Swim Team NEEDS YOU to help continue supporting us with your time and funding.  The following are just a few of the many things we could use your help with to make swim team an enjoyable experience for all:

*Setting up swim event

*Timers (be right up with the action to see your swimmer at their best)

*Judges (learn the strokes, help your swimmer know whats correct)

*Announcers (lets keep this event rolling and everyone on track)

*Writing events on kids arms (want to know what strokes your swimmer is doing)

*Organizing kids in the pit before they swim (encourage and prepare your swimmer)

*Putting data into a computer of the results (how did your swimmer do)

*Preparing ribbons and prizes (time for the rewards)

*Cleaning up swim event

*Helping kids get Swim-A-Thon funding together

*Become a part of the swim team board

Just ask one of the board members what you can do and/or if you would like to be doing something specific.  You can also click on the contact tab and send us an email.   We appreciate you and thank you for all your help!