SWIM GEAR:  Team suits are highly recommended and if unable to get a team suit please purchase a suit that goes with team colors.  It is also recommend to have a team suit and a practice suit (of your choice) which will help extend the life of suits.  Swim caps are recommended for all swimmers (helps insulate and maintain body heat) and required for swimmers with shoulder length hair or longer.  Goggles are REQUIRED to protect the eyes from long periods of exposure to chlorinated water.

*Caps and goggles are also available through the swim team board.  Just click on the contact tab and/or find us at a meet.

Winthrop Mountain Sports is our "Official Outfitter" for team suits, practice suits, caps, and goggles.  To place an order for these items please go to the store and tell them what you're there for! 

NOTE:  Winthrop Mtn Sports is offering great pricing on swim suits to swimteam members only.  Rita wants to make sure everyone gets a good suit and she is willing to work out deals with those needing financial help.  Suits can be tried on in April and order will be placed on May 1st.

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SPIRIT-WEAR:  New information coming soon. 

**Get your gear bag here:  EQPD